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Tests: added rewrite tests for ticket #162.
author Maxim Dounin <>
date Thu, 03 May 2012 14:48:30 +0400
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Test suite for nginx.

Use prove to run tests as one usually do for perl tests.  Individual tests
may be run as well.

Note: tests run nginx (and backend daemons if needed) listening on localhost
and may use various ports in 8000 .. 8999 range.


    $ TEST_NGINX_BINARY=/path/to/nginx prove .

By default tests expect nginx binary to be at ../nginx/objs/nginx.

Environment variables:


    Sets path to nginx binary to be tested, defaults to "../nginx/objs/nginx".


    Be a bit more verbose (in particular, print requests sent and responses
    got from nginx).  Note that this requires prove -v (or HARNESS_VERBOSE).


    If set temporary directory with configs and logs won't be deleted on test
    completion.  Usefull for debugging.


    Cat error log to stdout after test completion.  Usefull for debugging.


    Run unsafe tests.

Happy testing!