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Gunzip module for nginx.

This module allows gunzipping responses returned with Content-Encoding: gzip
for clients that doesn't support it.  It may be usefull if you prefer to store
data compressed (to save space or disk/network IO) but do not want to penalize
clients without gzip support.

Note well: only responses with Content-Encoding set to gzip before this module
are handled (e.g. using "add_header Content-Encoding gzip;" isn't enough as it
happens after).  As of now only proxy and fastcgi are able to do so.

Configuration directives:

    gunzip (on|off)

        Context: http, server, location
        Default: off

        Switches gunzip.

    gunzip_buffers <number> <size>

        Context: http, server, location
        Default: 32 4k/16 8k

        Specifies number and size of buffers available for decompression.


    location /storage/ {
        gunzip on;

To compile nginx with gunzip module, use "--add-module <path>" option to nginx