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Fix unix sockets support under FreeBSD.
author Maxim Dounin <>
date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 05:34:42 +0400
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2007-07-06 [Version 1.2.3 released]

2007-06-19  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Solaris portability fixes from Trond Norbye

2007-05-29  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Properly document evictions statistic value

2007-05-10  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Flesh out tests for unix domain sockets and binary data.
	* Update rpm spec file to run tests

2007-05-07  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Fix compilation bug on freebsd 6.x (and maybe others)
	* Update RPM spec file per redhat bugzilla #238994
	* Move unistd.h to memcached.h to get rid of warnings
	* Add string.h to thread.c to get correctly prototyped strerror()

2007-05-04  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Add fedora/redhat style init script and RPM spec file

2007-05-12 [Version 1.2.2 released]

2007-04-16  Steven Grimm  <>

	* Command tokenizer performance and cleanliness improvement.
	  Patch contributed by Paolo Borelli <>.

2007-04-16  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Add notes to README about MacOS, libevent and kqueue.

	* Windows Patch integration -- part 1, warnings elimination.

2007-04-12  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Allow changes to the verbosity level of the server with a new
	  "verbosity" command and some compiler cleanups. 
          Patch contributed by Paolo Borelli <>.

2007-04-08  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Add cleanup patch from "Tim Yardley" <> to
	  clean up source spacing issues, fix -Wall warnings, add some
	  null checks, adds asserts at the top of each function for any
	  use of conn *c without checking to see if c is NULL first.

        * Also adjust to clean *.ac files.  Add
          script to test-suite to test for tabs.

2007-04-04  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Add clarification of flush_all in the protocol docs
	  from Elizabeth Mattijsen <>

2007-03-31  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Add patch from Eli Bingham <> to 
	  re-enable the -n switch to memcached.

2007-03-20  Paul Lindner  <>
	* Add patch to collect eviction statistics from
          Jean-Francois BUSTARRET <>.

        * Updated docs, added new test cases for t/stats.t

2007-03-18  Paul Lindner  <>

	* Add more test cases using larger buffer sizes up to and greater
	  than 1MB.

	* Remove unused parameter to item_size_ok()

	* Use a single printf() in usage()

	* Add a failing test for conforming with maximum connections.

	* crash fix from Thomas van Gulick <> in
	  conn_shrink(), passing &ptr, instead of ptr to realloc().

2007-03-05  Paul Lindner  <>
	* Fix a number of places where (s)printf calls were using unsigned
	  or signed formats that did not match their arguments.

	* Add support for stdbool.h and stdint.h to use the bool and
	  uint8_t types.

	* Major refactoring - move API calls for assoc/items/slabs to
	  their own individual header files.  Add apropriate const and
	  static declarations as appropriate.
	* Avoid type-punning.  Do a more efficient realloc inside the
	  conn_shrink routine.

        * Fix overflow bug where uninitialized access to slabclass caused
	  size-0 mallocs during slab preallocation.


	* Convert some sprintf calls to snprintf to protect against
	  buffer overflows.

	* Explicitly compare against NULL or zero in many places.

	* Steven Grimm <>: Per-object-type stats collection
	  support. Specify the object type delimiter with the -D command line
	  option. Turn stats gathering on and off with "stats detail on" and
	  "stats detail off". Dump the per-object-type details with
	  "stats detail dump".

	* Steven Grimm <>: Fix an off-by-one error in the
	  multithreaded version's message passing code.

	* fix expirations of items set with absolute expiration times in
	  the past, before the server's start time.  bug was introduced in
	  1.2.0 with rel_time_t.  Thanks to Adam Dixon
	  <> for the bug report and test case!

	* Steven Grimm <>: Performance improvements:
	  Dynamic sizing of hashtable to reduce collisions on very large
	  caches and conserve memory on small caches.

	  Only reposition items in the LRU queue once a minute, to reduce
	  overhead of accessing extremely frequently-used items.

	  Stop listening for new connections until an existing one closes
	  if we run out of available file descriptors.

	  Command parser refactoring: Add a single-pass tokenizer to cut
	  down on string scanning.  Split the command processing into
	  separate functions for easier profiling and better readability.
	  Pass key lengths along with the keys in all API functions that
	  need keys, to avoid needing to call strlen() repeatedly.

	* Steve Peters <>: OpenBSD has a malloc.h,
	but warns to use stdlib.h instead

	* Steven Grimm <>: Add support for multithreaded
	  execution. Run configure with "--enable-threads" to enable. See
	  doc/threads.txt for details.

	* Iain Wade <>: Fix for UDP responses on non-"get"

	* Steven Grimm <>: Dynamic sizing of hashtable to
	  reduce collisions on very large caches and conserve memory on
	  small caches.

	* Steven Grimm <>: New faster hash function.


	* don't listen on UDP by default; more clear message when UDP port in use

	* release 1.2.0 (along with 1.1.13, which is the more tested branch)

	nobody has run 1.2.0 in production, to my knowledge.  facebook has run
	their pre-merge-with-trunk version, but bugs were discovered (and fixed)
	after the merge.  there might be more.  you've been warned.  :)

	* improved autoconf libevent detection, from the Tor project.

	* test suite and lot of expiration, delete, flush_all, etc corner
	  case bugs fixed (Brad Fitzpatrick)

	* Nathan Neulinger <>: fix breakage in expiration code
	  causing expiration times to not be processed correctly.

	* Nathan Neulinger <>: fix incompatabilities with
	  unix domain socket support and the UDP code and clean up stale 

	* Nathan Neulinger <>: unix domain socket support

	* Steven Grimm <>:  big bunch of changes:
	  big CPU reduction work, UDP-based interface, increased memory
	  efficiency.  (intertwined patch, committed all together)
	  or see svn commit logs

	* River Tarnell:  autoconf work for Solaris 10.  Brad:
	merge and verify it works on Nexenta.

	* avva: bucket/generation patch (old, but Brad's just finally
	committing it)

	* Brad Fitzpatrick <>:  allocate 1 slab per class
	on start-up, to avoid confusing users with out-of-memory errors
	later.  this is 18 MB of allocation on start, unless max memory
	allowed with -m is lower, in which case only the smaller slab
	classes are allocated.

	* Elizabeth Mattijsen <>: needed a way to flush all
	memcached backend servers, but not at exactly the same time (to
	reduce load peaks), I've added some simple functionality to the
	memcached protocol in the "flush_all" command that allows you to
	specify a time at which the flush will actually occur (instead of
	always at the moment the "flush_all" command is received).

	* patch from Peter van Dijk <> to make
	  stderr unbuffered, for running under daemontools

	* patch from Don MacAskill <> 'flush_all' doesn't
	seem to work properly.  Basically, if you try to add a key which
	is present, but expired, the store fails but the old key is no
	longer expired.

	* release 1.1.12

	* Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 15:25:59 -0600
	  From: David Phillips <>
	Here is a patch to and to put the man page in
	the correct location.  Trying to install the man page from a
	subdirectory results in the subdirectory being used in the install
	path (it tries to install to doc/memcached.1).  This is the correct
	thing to  do:

	- create a in the doc directory that installs the man page
	  with man_MANS
	- modify in the base directory to reference the doc
  	  directory using SUBDIRS
	- modify the AC_CONFIG_FILES macro in to output the 
	  Makefile in doc

	* pidfile saving support from Lisa Seelye <>, sent
	  Jan 13, 2005

	* don't delete libevent events that haven't been added (the deltimer)
	  patch from Ted Schundler <>

	* document -M and -r in manpage (Doug Porter <>)

	* fix buffer overflow in items.c with 250 byte keys along with
	  other info on the same line going into a 256 byte char[].
	  thanks to Andrei Nigmatulin <>
	* immediate deletes weren't being unlinked a few seconds,
	  preventing "add" commands to the same key in that time period.
	  thanks to Michael Alan Dorman <> for the
	  bug report and demo script.
	* released 1.1.11

	* Avva: Add a new command line option: -r , to maximize core file

	* Avva: Use getrlimit and setrlimit to set limits for number of
	simultaneously open file descriptors. Get the current limits and
	try to raise them if they're not enough for the specified (or the
	default) setting of max connections.
	* Adds a '-M' flag to turn off tossing items from the cache.
	  (Jason Titus <>)

2004-02-19 (Evan)
	* Install manpage on "make install", etc.

2003-12-30 (Brad)
	* remove static build stuff.  interferes with PAM setuid stuff
	  and was only included as a possible fix with the old memory
	  allocator.  really shouldn't make a difference.
	* add Jay Bonci's Debian scripts and manpage
	* release version 1.1.10

2003-12-01 (Avva)
	* New command: flush_all, causes all existing items to
	  be invalidated immediately (without deleting them from
	  memory, merely causing memcached to no longer return them).
	* Shift init code around to fix daemon mode on FreeBSD,
	* and drop root only after creating the server socket (to
	* allow the use of privileged ports)
	* version 1.1.10pre

	* BSD compile fixes from Ryan T. Dean
	* version 1.1.9
	* ignore SIGPIPE at start instead of crashing in rare cases it
	  comes up.  no other code had to be modified, since everything
	  else is already dead-connection-aware.  (avva)
2003-09-09 (Avva, Lisa Marie Seelye <>)
	* setuid support
2003-09-05 (Avva)
	* accept all new connections in the same event (so we work with ET epoll)
	* mark all items as clsid=0 after slab page reassignment to please future
	  asserts (on the road to making slab page reassignment work fully)

2003-08-12 (Brad Fitzpatrick)
	* use TCP_CORK on Linux or TCP_PUSH on BSD
	* only use TCP_NODELAY when we don't have alternatives
	* disable Nagel's Algorithm (TCP_NODELAY) for better performance (avva)

	* support multiple levels of verbosity (-vv)

2003-08-10  (Evan Martin)
	* debug, optimization, and static flags are controlled
	  by the configure script.
	  - allow specifying libevent directory with --with-libevent=DIR
	  - check for malloc.h (unavailable on BSDs)
	  - check for socklen_t (unavailable on OSX)
	* assoc.c, items.c, slabs.c:  Remove some unused headers.
	* memcached.c:  allow for nonexistence of malloc.h; #define a POSIX
	  macro to import mlockall flags.

	* version 1.1.7
	* big bug fix: item exptime 0 meant expire immediately, not never
	* version 1.1.8

	* make 'delete' take second arg, of time to refuse new add/replace
	* set/add/replace/delete can all take abs or delta time (delta can't
	  be larger than a month)

	* added doc/protocol.txt

	* report CPU usage in stats
	* version 1.1.6
	* fix a number of obscure bugs
	* more stats reporting
	* removing use of Judy; use a hash.  (judy caused memory fragmentation)
	* shrink some structures
	* security improvements
	* version 1.1.0
	* changing maxsize back to an unsigned int
	* adding PHP support
	* added CONTRIBUTORS file
	* version 1.0.4
	* forgot to distribute website/api (still learning auto*)
	* version 1.0.3
	* update to version 1.0.2
	* autoconf/automake fixes for older versions
	* make stats report version number
	* change license from GPL to BSD
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 10:05:51 -0700  Evan Martin  <>

	*,,  Use autotools.
	* items.c, memcached.c:  #include <time.h> for time(),
	  printf time_t as %lu (is this correct?),
	  minor warnings fixes.