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Fix unix sockets support under FreeBSD.
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This file contains a list of people who have contributed code and
effort to the memcached project.  If you don't see your name mentioned
send email to the memcached mailing list so you can be immortalized.

Also see the ChangeLog for even more people who have helped over the
years by submitting fixes, patches and reporting bugs.

Major authors:

Brad Fitzpatrick <>  -- maintainer, original implementations

Anatoly Vorobey <> -- lots of the modern server code

Steven Grimm <> -- iov writing (less CPU), UDP mode,
                                        non-2.0 slab mantissas, multithread, ...

Other Contributors

Evan Martin <>
Nathan Neulinger <>
Eric Hodel <>
Michael Johnson <>
Paul Querna <>
Jamie McCarthy <>
Philip Neustrom <>
Andrew O'Brien <>
Josh Rotenberg <>
Robin H. Johnson <>
Tim Yardley <>
Paolo Borelli <>
Eli Bingham <>
Jean-Francois Bustarret <>
Paul G <>
Paul Lindner <>